Asha for Education

“Asha for Education” was started in the summer of 1991 by a few students at the University of California, Berkeley. These young students shared the belief that education is a critical requisite and an effective catalyst for social and economic change in India. The group was called ‘Asha’ to represent the hope that they envisioned bringing into the lives of children in India. In keeping with this focus, to this day, Asha volunteers get involved with and support projects that are education-oriented.

    The objectives of this group are:

  • To provide education to underprivileged children in India.
  • To encourage the formation of various local groups across the world to reach out to larger sections of the population.
  • To support and cooperate with individuals and groups already engaged in similar activities.
  • To raise the required human and physical resources to achieve the group objectives.

We are a 100% volunteer driven organization with 50+ chapters worldwide. To learn more please go to

Asha Sweden

Asha Sweden is started by a group of professionals living in Sweden with the goal of supporting education for underprivileged children in India. We are a registered non-profit organization under the name “Asha för Utbildning” with the organisation number 082533-0153. 

Asha is an open group, with no bureaucracy or hierarchy. We encourage members to take initiative and volunteer for what they enjoy doing. You can ‘join’ Asha simply by attending our meetings! There is no membership fee required for joining Asha. However, members do contribute, on a purely voluntary basis, funds for administrative expenses.